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Meet Our Clinicians


Dentist - Dr Allison Chiu

Dr Allison Chiu completed her Dental degree from the University of Western Australia.  Since graduation, she moved to NSW and has worked in the Hunter Valley region and Penrith for a period of 5 years prior to working in Erskine Park. Erskine Park Dental is founded in 2013. She has a keen interest in continuing professional education and has completed hundreds of hours of CPDs including the prestigious 1 year UCLA/gIDE Master Clinician Implant Program (certificate) from the University of California.


Dr Allison Chiu has a special interest in orthodontics (braces) and has taken leading orthodontic course including POS (Progressive Orthodontics) and has completed the two-year Orthodontics Residency and worked at an orthodontist office for 2 years.


Therapist - Kim Hunter

 Kim graduated from a Bachelor of Oral health from the University of Sydney, Class of 2013 with Distinction, and won the Oral B prize for the most clinically competent final year student. She was employed in the competitive Oral health Therapist Graduate Year Project (OHTGYP), where she was chosen as one of the top fifty graduates nationwide to participate in an additional year of research and worked in public health where she was based at Westmead Hospital. Kim joined our team at Erskine Park Dental in 2014. Her passion is helping those in need. She works closely with the families that attend our practice focusing predominately with Paediatric dentistry, Periodontics, Orthodontics, and Oral Health promotion within our local community. Besides practising dentistry, Kim’s main passion in life if food and travel.


Dentist - Dr William Kong

Through excellent work and a friendly face, my patients have always come back with a great smile. It would give me great pleasure to show you how I would be great for you.

Years of dentistry have taught me the vast nature of dentistry and how absolutely important it is to everybody’s lives. Exposure and experience in multi-facet dental work has absolutely given me the skills to be able to treat you with utmost diligence.

I have an amazing appreciation for the inherent differences in the patients I treat. Whether this is due to age, finance, knowledge or health I have learned to adapt and tailor the best outcome to each patient. ‘Patience with Patients’ is the practice and it’s the very reason why my patients come back with a great smile.


Dental Surgeon - Dr Claudia Cespedes

Dr. Claudia is a highly skilled dental surgeon with over ten years of experience and an expertise in  complex extractions. Dr Claudia is our go to surgeon for wisdom teeth removal.

Over the years, Claudia has worked at a number of private practices alongside well-recognised dentists and renowned specialists. Her years of experience has assisted her to create a comfortable and friendly environment for her own patients. 

Dr Claudia goes above and beyond just being a dental surgeon - she loves helping patients and ensuring she remains open, honest and gains trust through her work. 

In her spare time, Claudia unwinds by taking Pilates classes which she has undertaken for the last four years. She loves spending time with her family and loved ones and is fond of travelling.

Dr Claudia is only available on Tuesdays for her surgical extraction service.