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Children Dentistry

Erskine Park Dental is a kid friendly dental practice. Modern dental techniques have made it easier and more pleasant to care for your child’s oral health.


The effective use of preventative techniques has permitted minimally invasive dentistry, making a trip to the dentist a calm experience for both children and parents.


It is extremely important that children start their dental visits early in life, we recommended the first visit should happen around 3 years of age, this is when all the baby teeth should have erupted. Gone are the days where children only made their first visits to dentists when their teeth are in trouble. This causes unnecessary fear and gives them the wrong impression about dentists.


Our dentist conduct orthodontics screening as part of our check up for all children attending our practice and this is one of the big advantage for choosing us. We will inform you if your children need early intervention for correct jaw development 'phase I' treatment. Functional appliances are available to help to correct poor oral habits such as tongue thrusting, or create space by expansion that helps to minimise the need to extract teeth to straighten teeth later on.

Here are the top 5 tips for parents

  • Ensure they get enough Fluoride by encouraging water intake and regular visits to the dentist
  • Try to limit sugar in their diet and choose healthy snack
  • Management of thumb or finger sucking should be addressed before permanent teeth erupt around 5-6 years of age.
  • Individualised mouth guards are essential if they play contact sports.
  • Fissure Sealants for caries prevention when permanent molars appear

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