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How does your interest free payment plan work?

The payment plan enables our patients begin with their treatment immediately - then pay the cost of their treatment spread over time. The payment plan is interest free. please check out the payment plan page on our website. 

You would need a consultation first to determine what treatment is required before you can sign up.

For more information on our Payment Plan options, please contact us on 9670 4141.

Do you Bulk Bill ?

We bulk bill eligible children under 18 through a government scheme called CDBS. Please call 9670 4141 and our reception team can find out if your children are eligible, all you need to supply is your medicare number. 

There is no bulkbill scheme available in dentistry for adults. 

How much is it to get an assessment /consultation and treatment plan?

Consultation depends on length and complexity: standard ($65) but extended consultation will cost more. 

any x-rays required are additional. The good news is we have a capped pricing which is $235 regardless of how many x-rays you need. The cost will range anywhere between $65 to $235 but will never go over $235 to get a treatment plan. 

How much is it to get a tooth removed?

Again this depends on complexity. 

Simple extraction is $175. 

Extraction in bulk can be $150 per tooth (multiple in one appointment - price to be determined by treating dentist)

If extraction is not simple and is an 'oral surgery' - surgical extraction/wisdom tooth extraction would range anywhere between $300-$550. This is a fair price for an oral surgery. 

Why is a deposit required for Saturday appointments?

We are booked out weeks ahead for our Saturday appointments. We are also a responsible dental practice who pays correct loading and entitlement to our staff. Saturdays become very expensive to run when they are in demand and when people don't show up. No show or fail to attend by patients greatly increases the cost of running the place. To help keep the price competitive, this policy is strictly reinforced. 

Do you accept my health fund cards and can I claim 'on the spot'?
We have hicaps for 'on the spot' claim. Please bring your health fund card so you can claim your rebate at the time of payment. Easy and convenient! We accept ALL health fund cards including some of the most common health funds (please refer to the picture list)


I have severe toothache but there are no appointments available till next week, what should I do?
We are usually booked out 2-3 weeks in advance however we do have 2-3 emergency spots every day depending on the day of the week. Please ask the receptionist for the 'emergency spots' banner-tooth-ache.jpg - large


What is the medicare bulk bill scheme for children?

The scheme is called 'Child Dental Benefits Schedule', children between the ages of 2 and 17 years from families who receive Family Tax Benefit Part A (FTB-A) or certain other government payments will be entitled to the benefit. The total benefit entitlement will be capped at $1,000 per child over a two calendar year period. However, the benefits are capped at $1000 per child over the period of 2 calendar years. If the treatment required is expected to exceed the cap, this will be your out-of-pocket expense.


The CDBS will provide individual benefits for a range of services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions. Benefits will not be available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work.

Our dentists will perform an exam then discuss treatment options and costs associated with the required treatment. A treatment plan which outlines what is required, and associated costs, will be printed for you to sign. We will provide you with an extra copy for your reference. If the plan changes at any stages, you will be notified and a new plan signed prior to the start of any procedures.

What is gum disease?

"Gum disease" describes a range of conditions that affect the supporting tissues for the teeth. The supporting tissues comprise both the surface tissues that can be seen in the mouth and also the deeper tissues of the bone, root surface and the ligament that connects the teeth to the bone.


Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria. Bacteria form a ‘plaque’ which is a sticky, colourless film that forms on your teeth, particularly around the gum line. Other bacteria thrive deep in the gap between the gum and the tooth (the ‘pocket’). Some people are much more at risk of developing periodontal disease — smoking is one of the major risk factors. Other conditions such as diabetes, stress, pregnancy and various medications can all be contributing factors

Why choose custom-made mouthguard ? How is this different from the one from the chemist?

The most obvious difference is the 'fit' and comfort - the custom made mouthguards will fit your teeth perfectly. It offers much superior protection not only to the teeth but also to the supporting bone underneath.

If you have private health insurance, most health funds cover very well for mouthguards and you may find the gap payment is less than the cost of the mouthguard from the chemist. Why get an inferior product from the chemist? (Please check with your health fund)

Please note if the color of choice for your mouthguard is not the most commonly stocked colors (we have 10 to choose from), there will be an additional fees $25 

mouthguardphoto.JPG - large

750x18020Mouthguard.jpg - largemouthguardphoto.JPG - large



All About Teeth Whitening...

Erskine Park Dental offers Pola and Zoom 4 whitening systems. Not all whitening agents have the same strength and not all Zoom whitening is the same. We offer the latest / 4th generation Zoom machine and gives you the best result at a very competitive price.


How effective is home bleaching? Home bleaching does not make the teeth as white as chalk. If it did the teeth would not look natural. Usually the whitening is subtle, but a real difference can usually be noticed between, for instance, upper teeth that have been bleached and lowers
Is home bleaching safe? Yes. Hydrogen peroxide (the whitening agent) is actually produced in the body in small amounts and the effects have been studied for many years. When bleaching is carried out according to your dentist's instructions, it appears to be a safe, simple procedure. The only minor complications are rare cases of slight gum irritation and heightened cold sensitivity in the enamel.
How long does the bleaching last?
This may vary depending upon the circumstances, however teeth can still become dirty and they will continue to age in a normal way with the passage of time. You should keep the trays and obtain new bleach stocks from us to repeat the whitening periodically (usually once a year). The trays will continue to fit your mouth for many years in most cases. opener.jpg - large


What are Grinding Splints? Grinding Splits are devices worn at night for those who suffer from tooth grinding.  The splint is moulded from acrylic and fits over the upper or lower teeth. By preventing this grinding, we are also preventing cracking and wearing of teeth and in some situations, jaw pain.