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Why Choose Us For your Orthodontic Treatment?


Expertise you can trust

Dr Allison Chiu is a general dentist with special interest in orthodontics. Allison has worked at an orthodontist's office for 2 years where she has gained extensive experience.  She is committed to on-going orthodontic education and has taken leading orthodontic programs including POS (Progressive Orthodontics) and has completed two-year Orthodontics Residency of EODO. We are not one of those dentists that attend a short term course then start providing 'fast solution' to straighten your teeth. We have the skill set to offer you 'uncompromised' orthodontics treatment as well as treatment that is tailored to your specific needs.


We are committed to affordable orthodontics treatment

We don’t want the cost of treatment to get in the way of the care that you need. payment plan is available to help you achieve the smile you always wanted. Our all-inclusive fee makes the finances simple: there is no surprise and you know the fees up-front from Day 1. Our flexible interest-free payment options make treatments affordable for everyone.Our in-house payment plan involve a one-time deposit prior to the beginning of treatment and then a series of affordable payment until treatment has been paid for in full.

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An array of options

We use the latest orthodontic technologies and techniques to ensure that as a patient you get the treatment most suited to your needs.We provide myobrace, clear aligner, ceramic braces, short term quick braces, lingual braces (braces on the inside) and conventional fixed orthodontics.


Treatment for all ages

From Early intervention to address functional issues, create space required in phase I orthodontics to Adults who wants to undergo orthodontics treatment with short term treatment options


Myobrace is a no-braces orthodontic approach for young children. Treatment addresses the poor oral habits such as tongue thrust. Please note at Erskine Park Dental, myobrace is mainly used to address functional issue.  We do NOT adopt the approach of putting kids through years of myobrace.  Myofunctional trainer is provided at very affordable price to help correct undesirable habit early.

Real results

You don’t have to take our word that we can provide you with straighter teeth. You can see for yourself just how effective our treatments can be.