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Payment Plan Options

As is the norm, payment for dental services is expected on the day services are rendered. We accept all major forms of payment, such as cash as well as major credit cards (Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa). As our patient, we are committed to you and your treatment. We know that people have different financial positions and different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations. That's why as well as offering the usual payment options, when the cost of anticipated dental work exceeds what you would like to place on your credit card or pay out of pocket, financing may be a better option. We are pleased to offer several financing options to meet your budgets and make your dental care more comfortable and affordable. The payment plan enables our patients begin with their treatment immediately - then pay the cost of their treatment spread over time. 


The main payment plan we use in our practice is ZipMoney.

No deposit required : Having zipMoney allows you to get the treatment you need without delay on the day! (Call us to organise this in place prior to your appointments!)

Interest free : Up to 24 months interest free, depending on the treatment required. Most standard procedures are 6 months interest free. Complex procedures such as Braces, Invisalign and Implants can be up to 24 months interest free.

For more information on our Payment Plan options, please contact us on 9670 4141.



Bulk Billing available for Medicare CDBS up to $1000.

Available for 2-17 year olds to help with basic dental treatment. Eligibility is based on family or carers receiving certain Government benefits such as Family Tax benefit part A and also must be eligible for Medicare. The voucher will allow us to do basic dental work at no cost to you.


Hicaps for on the spot claims

Please bring your health fund card so you can claim your rebate at the time of payment. Easy and convenient!



We accept Veterans (DVA) rebates and NSW hospital vouchors.

Veterans of Australia's defence force, their widows/widowers and dependants entitled to treatment are very welcome to attend for treatment.


Value and Quality

We follow high levels of infection control, use quality materials and invest in ongoing education and high tech equipment. We offer options to suit your individual needs, We have digital x-rays for routine dental work as these require greatly reduced radiation. In addition they appear enlarged on the computer screen for you to view. For larger x-rays such as an "OPG" for wisdom teeth or scans, we have OPG machine on site so you don’t have to travel to another radiography centre. This will save you significant time – we offer you technology, comfort and convenience.





Because all teeth and dental conditions, like people, are unique, we will not be able to estimate a price for any major treatments without an oral examination. Once our dentist has seen you, if the treatment you require is quite complex and extensive, a detailed treatment plan with all costs involved will be provided to you so there is no surprise.


Capped price Consultation

If you present with very poor oral health and complex dental condition, several tests and x-rays may be required in order for us to determine the best course of treatment for you. This process is important in the sense that ' if there is no correct diagnosis, the treatment will be ineffective, or worse the treatment will be incorrect'


Our standard consultation fees is $59, any tests or x-rays required are additional to the standard consultation fees. To help our patients with the cost, we have capped our consultation appointment at $235 regardless of how many x-rays, scan or test you need.


Please note consultation for implants, wisdom tooth extraction or braces is $75 as these are specilaised area in our practice. For example, the dentist performing wisdom tooth extraction restricts her practice to extraction only. Our dentists offer you the skills that only a very selective few general practices in Sydney can match.


Always compare apples with apples.

Quite rightly, patients are questioning the cost of various dental treatment modalities, seeking prices by telephone and visiting more than one clinic to canvass their options.  We encounter the same type of cost-related questions over and over again.  To address some of the misconceptions commonly held, we would like to offer pointers when you're comparing dental prices and options available to you. Our promsie to you is we try to keep our cost down so we can offer our skills to help more patients.


We are very competitive in price however we simply can NOT be the cheapest as we offer high quality materials and invest in latest technology.  We offer great value for your dental treatment and that IS how we get REPEAT BUSINESS AND REFERRAL FROM OUR EXISTING PATIENTS.  We try to save wherever possible on things that don't matter e.g. dental consumerables such as suction tips, gloves but invest in things that matters e.g. top of the range filling materials, digital x-ray, autoclave etc


Dental laboratories vary enormously in price, depending on the materials used, and critically the skill and experience levels of the technicians and ceramists. How good your crown or veneer looks is a result of artistic capabilities of a technician. The cost vary based on only one thing ' How natural will I look?' 


To offer our patient best of care, we are very selective on who can work at our practice and their credentials. This applies to everyone in our dental team - dentist, dental therapists and dental assistants.